Can you send me free samples already?

Come on, haven’t I proven my worth? I’ve written a few articles about really personal stuff. I’ve even taken this photo in an effort to show you I’m creative and good at begging for really nice things.

But really, originally I was going to make this post a compilation of eye creams that I have heard are great as well as my own skincare regimen in case you wanted to know what it was because my skin is flawless. Save for the discoloured skin around my eyes due to lack of sleep. However I’m going to write today about thankfulness.

Because I think that’s something different than what every other fashion/lifestyle blogger has on their blog, and you’ve already clicked this because it’s got a pretty nice featured photo and I’ve got you hooked.

Obviously, I carry a lot of negativity around with me. I think that’s quite easy to see if you read my other posts… however there are times when the positivity inside of me is so pure, small yet strong, that it gets to be infectious. Infectious mostly to myself, that is.

I was sitting on the train this morning, which is actually quite a nice commute because I get on it before loads of other people do and I always have a seat. Then, everybody gets off at Clark & Lake, and I end up with ample room to move towards the door when I get to my stop 2 stops later. I also don’t have to get headaches from traffic. I don’t have to worry about gas. I don’t have to be awake for the entirety of the commute either. It’s marvelous. But anyway- back to the scene: I was sitting on the train this morning and I started to read my book. After a few stops, for some reason the train stalled for a while longer with its doors open at one stop. Towards the door comes a man in a neon vest- a worker for the CTA. And hanging on his arm is a woman with one of those poles that blind people carry to feel what’s in front of them.

And in that moment I smiled to myself and my eyes warmed a bit with tears, because I haven’t felt so thankful for the simple gift of sight that has afforded me so many luxurious moments that this woman will never experience.

I can drive a car. I can see the person I am loving. I can see happiness on other people’s faces at concerts. I can see the funny people on my morning commute. I can see the words in people’s eyes that they don’t want to speak aloud.

From that moment forward, a humbleness spread over me and I treated my body to breakfast, which I rarely do because I never feel in the mood for it. But today I did because I wanted to take care of myself and give my body what it needed to help me to see and to think.

Once in a while, pick something simple to be thankful for and watch how complex it actually is, and how blessed you are to have it.

On a very different note: if you have been following my posts then b r a v o. I have a present for you today that might show you just how curiously this world works.

M messaged today.

And he was hitting himself after seeing that selfie.


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